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This is a list of tools and features we can provide your organization which would help improve your service outreach through website medium and also connect it with other marketing media.

BANNER ADS: Companies or partners can advertise with banners on your website and be viewed on your website by all your visitors, increasing your traffic and income

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: with search engine rakings you improve your chances of getting more visitors on your website

SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION: so as to increase traffic in and out of your website, and your site’s traffic is mostly youth you can integrate social media with over 350 networks including Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. you can have visitors view your services through all these networks, they can like your Facebook page, follow your twitter handle and other networks from the site.

VIDEO STREAMING: you can have videos of adverts, promotions and services you render on your website

FEEDBACK: visitors can get in contact with your company and inquire about services by filling contact and inquiry forms and also through FAQ’s

GALLERY AND PORTFOLIO CREATION AND MANAGEMENT: with your years of experience you have a lot of pictures to show your antecedents with a gallery of pictures or/and a detailed portfolio

GOOGLE ADSENSE (AD CHOICE): with the heavy traffic your site gets due to its services you can apply for Google AdSense which is a marketing tool for getting adverts and increasing income through your website.

CUSTOM DEDICATED EMAILS: your company can have custom emails dedicated to your domain for feedback purposes amongst others

SITE COUNTERS AND ANALYTICS: this tool is used in tracking how many visitors and how they browse through

SUPPORT SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE: Our establishment also provides support services like management of website contents and maintenance of websites as well as renewals of subscriptions

CUSTOMIZED NAVIGATION: Away from the stereotypes of a simple menu we have different navigational tools around the pages e.g different menu positions, 1click to the top of page after scrolling, etc

MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITES: some websites are not viewable on mobiles like iphones and other smartphones and sometimes slow down the performance of the phones, we create websites that are viewable on various devices.

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS: This is very important for your line of business; you will need to send newsletters to customers and clients to inform them about upcoming events and promotions.

SCROLLING NEWS (HORIZONTAL OR/AND VERTICAL): news about your new services can be seen scrolling by visitors to the site and can be updates anytime by us.

CUSTOMIZED SLIDESHOWS: Pictures of events and clients who have been exceptional can be seen scrolling on the website.

SEND TO A FRIEND: this tool allows for visitors to send details of your website to friends and associates giving you a wider reach.


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