BRANDURS CONCEPTS is a team of young, exciting, intelligent and highly creative professionals who provide services such as: Website Designing and Development, Graphics Designing, Branding -online and merchandise- as well as Information Technology Support and Event Consulting.

A fully registered company under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we commenced operations officially in May 2012 although the team is vastly experienced in the utility of the best digital platforms to provide solutions for your Brand.

Brandurs Concepts consists of a rockstar team of Creative Website Designers , Graphic Geeks, Editors, Writers, and Engineers. We believe that brands and branding have the power to shape the world, especially when they are created with innovation and artistry.
Our extreme professionalism is unmatched and our services are tailored in order to bring a tremendous and remarkable change in the way brands and organizations are being managed. Here are our services in detail:


With our experience in designing content management websites, our team creates innovative, flexible and exciting websites which give u vast range of options for your services and ideas.

While other web designers focus on a particular industry we are vast and provide the best designs for any kind of service you provide even if it is a personal website showcasing your talents, we design and develop websites for schools; churches; comedians; shops, stores, retail outlets and organizations from different fields.

We challenge ourselves to create, craft, construct websites that would stand the test of time and in a short time of operations we have built and managed websites for a host of companies including the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission and other established and distinguished brands.

Kindly view our CLIENT base.


Our Graphic department is keenly focused on symbolizing the ideas of clients in the best way to give their services a professional identity. We provide clients with brand identities- logos, business cards, letterheads- flyer, calendars, banners, etc and also merchandise branding as well, using the best of graphic design tools available

It’s a new age and we also evolve which is why we now deliver graphics not just in 2D but also in 3D setups.


We develop innovative technology-based solutions to ease the workflow problems of today’s small, medium and large scale businesses with information technology services such as Computer system setup, Local and Wide area Network solutions, application development, backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, data migration and support.


If you’re having trouble deciding which social networks to use to market yourself and your business, you’re not alone. One of the most common (and preventable) mistakes that people make online is opening up profiles on a plethora of social networks and not logging in regularly. Being non-responsive to inquiries and comments can quickly damage your reputation and that of your organization.

In order to avoid these, we at Brandurs Concepts offer you something different, we not only create a viral social media presence, we make your social media profiles profitable to your organization.


Whatever your event may be- exhibitions, weddings, AGM’s, concerts, ceremonies, etc- the BRANDURS! team will provide you with innovative concepts and resources to bring your ideas to life, also using social media tools to publicize your events as you see fit with the use of all forms of media and hype either with blogs, websites, TV commercials, radio jingles or regular networking. All these would be done without you moving an inch.

Our resourceful team is very experienced in providing all resources necessary to make events come alive, from your wedding planner and vendors, exhibition stands, rentals to your AGM reception venues, you want it we get it.

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